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Update in progress..Clement likes to turn ideas into opportunities. With his experiences and education (in Social Sciences and in Strategic Management), Clement is helping various start-ups grow.

Schooling years

During his schooling years, Clement spent every holiday doing various jobs. He finds it enjoyable to work and likes to challenge himself. Through working, Clement has gained experiences in a broad array of industries. Apart from the rigour of SMU’s academic life, Clement has written many business plans, attended numerous start-up events and participated in various entrepreneurship competitions. He and his team came in 1st in the Asian Student Venture Forum held in South Korea.

In 2012, working closely with SMU’s Office of Corporate Marketing, he played an important role in launching The SMU Shop- the first retail outlet which sells SMU merchandise aimed at fostering a greater sense of belonging and increasing the brand name of SMU locally and abroad.

In 2013, Clement worked at SmartSpace. In each of its 5 locations in Singapore, SmartSpace brings start-ups together, making it the easiest place to do business. Clement helped to manage these spaces and assisted in the incorporations of new companies in Singapore. He also travelled around Europe for half a year during his exchange and took 7 modules to gain a broader perspective of life.

In 2014, Clement committed himself to picking up programming, starting with Javascript, followed by Python and VBA. He also explored hardware start-ups and learnt about upcoming technologies. At the end of 2014, Clement completed his formal education at Singapore Management University and got himself certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Clement has always been curious and keen on personal development and learning. During his spare time, he studies any subject that interests him. This ranges from learning German, analytics, coding and many more.

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